Long Single String

by E42.A8



Recorded at E42.A8, july 2015, on the first and second days after the long string instrument was built. Steel wire about 20ft, e-bowed, plucked or hit with various sticks, amplified with a guitar pick-up. Line and mostly ambient takes with a Zoom H4n.

You can hear SD, PP, LD, SP, some playing the string, some playing in the yard. Additional sounds arise from the barn : metal, wood, wind, electric hum, tires on concrete highway about 1 mile further, maybe planes on their way from or to other places. Oh, and yes, ride cymbal at the end. For some of these you’ll need headphones. For others, not.

Edited by Blindhæð at 4AmperStudio, july 2015

We recommend the book Alvin Lucier – Reflexionen, on MusikTexte

Other people we should thank : Kraig Grady, Werner Durand, Teo Macero, Derek Bailey, + all the friends who came play along at E42.A8

experimental and jazz improvisers from Lille to Essen : get in touch !

Qui tacet neque negat neque utique fatetur


released July 21, 2015

E42.A8 with SD, PP, LD, SP - players
Blindhæð - edit

Long String Instrument built by SD, PP & Lucien



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